Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In Love with the Native Americans

Since a little child, i always read and hear about the native americans. I scan the books for photos of them and their way of life. Back here in my country, i have my own advocacy,been doing it for 3 years now. I wait for the LUMADS to come on our community and give them their christmas presents, like clothes and kitchenware, which they always want to have, since they cant afford to buy new ones. If you are about to love the people outside your country you have to start inside the country. My father once said that if i am to marry a person, you have to marry the one who was a very clear cultural background. And i decided i would not marry until i found the right guy, dont care if he came from a minority group just as long as i can preserve the culture where we came from. The Native Americans are also facing  the same dilemmas as our lumads here in my country. They are deprived of their ancestral domains, some are taken away from them by force. These poor people are often used by the greedy politicians and businessmen for their own secret agendas. I have been studying the problems of the indigenous people since college and the problems are  existing today.
     Though these people are often discriminated, there are still people who respects and helps them.And i'm proud to say that i'm one of those concerned people who loves the culture and the people themselves. Although i am never been to america to meet a man that i really longed to be with, i always praying to God that somehow beyond the borders, there's this someone that waits for me. I am still looking for the "Hiawatha's Song", if that's what it is called. 

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