Saturday, February 5, 2011

The memoirs of a water nymph

I've been here as long as i can remember...under a cove just beneath the ocean. where i could go upstream and guard the woods. This is where i prefer to stay. I love the calmness of the forest and the rivers seem to have it's own course they would go wherever they want to. I felt the rush of the water as i climbed on the steep hill, and disappeared in the thundering curtains of the waterfalls. There are dark green mosses, ferns of different kinds, the birds are singing and the sun shines above. There were no people around, i'm glad that there are none, so that i could sleep until eternity.
I dont know how long i have slept for when i awake, i can see no more trees, and all i can feel is the murky waters underneath and the waterfalls decrease their thundering. Not that i can not understand but i was confused and a bit angry at what i saw. The woods had ceased to flourish and birds are nowhere to be found.
I think this is what others before me had said. I had to do what i was destined to do...

 I lured one man down the stream and drown him... tied his frail body to the log he's about to haul. and later send the waterfall into a raging current so that everything in there would be washed downhill.

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